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We research, build and ship extended reality solutions for Education.

Why VR for Schools?

Like Nelson Mandela, we believe “education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. We also know that in this time of unprecedented growth and technological advancement, too many of our children do not have access to quality education, and in some cases any education at all. We intend to bridge the gap that exists for accessing low cost quality education by providing our signature VR for Schools program. This utillises the extended reality technologies to create educational content that can be delivered via a low cost generic VR headset and mobile device with a solar portable for charging. With a virtual reality headset and the right local educational content, we can provide quality immersive educational experiences - virtual laboratories for experiments, field trips across the country and the world, even exploring the human body. Opportunities that would not be possible in the resource constrained environments of the majority of the world’s children.

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